Your Soul, My Soul, We All Fall Down

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My second short story has just been published in Crash Philosophy: The Second Collision. Your Soul, My Soul, We All Fall Down is a mash-up of a Psycho killer in an Alternate Future. Whereas Lexi vs Kai in the First Collision was in familiar, all be it difficult, territory for me, this new story is anything but.

Lexi’s journey is something very similar to not only what I’ve personally lived through, but is also written in the style of books I’m most familiar with. For my second story I wanted to challenge myself and push the edges of my writing skill.

The Plot

In the 23rd century sixteen anonymous young girls have been found paralyzed in one of the poorer metros. Detective Reese is determined to find out what happened to them and who’s doing it.

When a young girl from a high-class community comes down with the same affliction, Lieutenant Graham is sent down to help the investigation.

As friction between Reese and Graham boil, the first paralyzed girl’s health begins to decline, she doesn’t have much time left. Reese and Graham hurry to find the cause of the paralyzes discovering along the way that the twisted reason the psycho is doing all this is connected to Reese’s hidden past.

There is almost nothing in here I’ve ever written before. It’s a detective crime drama, with multiple POVs, male POVs, the villain’s POV, and is written in an adult tone vs. young adult.

Crash Philosophy: The Second Collision is now for sale as an eBook ($2.99) or paperback ($16.99) through Amazon.

Thank you all so much for supporting my dreams of being an author! Love you all!

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