Yellow Brick War

Review of Yellow Brick War by Danielle Paige

(Spoilers from Dorothy Must Die and The Wicked Will Rise)


This is the third book in the Dorothy Must Die series by Danielle Paige. Contrary to popular belief, there will be a fourth book as well. That book, the fourth book, will be the final in the series. I learned this when I met Paige at the RT Booklovers Convention two weeks ago. She was very kind, and said that there would be only one more. So ladies and gents this is not the conclusion that we all thought it would be, but a stepping-stone towards the conclusion. On ward to the stepping-stone!


This book picks up right where The Wicked Will Rise left off, and when I say that I mean the second where it left off. Our fearless Amy Gumm is back in Flat Hill, Kansas. For all the people she’s left behind she’s been gone for a month, though we know she’s lived through more than that in Oz.


Amy is tasked by The Order to find Dorothy’s original shoes. They have narrowed the location down to somewhere in Dwight D. Eisenhower Senior High. Looks like she’s going back to high school! Amy encounters a very different Madison Pendleton than the one she left. Now Madison is a new mom, and the pariah of the school. Soon Madison, Dustin, and Dustin Jr. are helping Amy on her search for the shoes. While they search a new villain is revealed who is ten times scarier than Dorothy ever is. Be on the look out!


Nox is as dark and dreamy as ever, but they hit yet another roadblock, nothing new, right? This roadblock is The Order telling them they can’t be together, and Amy deciding they need space. “It took all the strength I had not to look back at him as he watched me walk away” (Pg. 28). Uh! Gut wrenching!


The reunion between Amy and her mother is sweet, but realistic. Amy’s mom has been cleaning up her act in hopes that Amy would come home. Amy is welcomed with open arms, and a surprising two-bedroom apartment. Paige’s writing is so on point, it perfectly conveyed the touching emotion in the scene. A mother realizing she hasn’t been doing her best and a daughter getting the mother she always wanted, but has to keep her at a distance, very teary stuff.


The writing is just as good as the first two, and it’s a little faster paced story telling. When they get back to Oz (no I won’t tell you how) they goal of killing Dorothy is back on, and The Revolutionary Order of the Wicked race against the clock, literally at times, to end the tyranny of Dorothy.


Yellow Brick War by Danielle Paige is out now.

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