The Fallen Prince

Review of The Fallen Prince by Amalie Howard


(Spoilers from The Almost Girl by Amalie Howard)


Action? Check. Romance? Check. Total badass heroine? Check. The Fallen Prince by Amalie Howard is more an action book than it is anything else. The book picks up a year after the end of The Almost Girl. Our main badass Riven has been scouring the Otherworld, (also known as our world) to find her maniac father, Danton. With the Guardians hot on her tail she runs so she can focus on finding Danton. Out of the blue Caden asks for help…and to work hand in hand with Danton. Which as you can imagine puts a thorn in her side. A very big thorn.


Riven is as awesome as she was in the first installment. She’s intelligent, beautiful, and special. Because of her DNA she is a cyborg, and the only one of her kind…for now. Caden takes a back seat. Oh he’s there, and there are some slightly steamy scenes. As far as his importance to the plot however, you could take him or leave him. A new character is introduced named Bass. He is a good comrade to Riven and an excellent fighter which will be needed, because the unorganized Reptiles from the first book? Yeah, they’ve become organized and no one can figure out how or by whom.


Neospes is the same parallel universe that I don’t think many of us would want to vacation in. With temperatures ranging from the artic at night to the middle of the Sahara in the afternoon, not much sun bathing going on. Oh and did I mention the almost complete lack of water? They do have technology way ahead of us though, so that could be a draw. They have suits that control your body temperature and can go into battle, defense, or stealth mode. The Vectors are back as well; reanimated corpses that follow basic commands, like protect or kill. There is also another location in the parallel world that Neospes resides in that has a huge role in the plot line, and that’s all I’m gonna say about that.


The one downside to this book is the nice neat tidy bow they placed on top of the package. Until the finial chapters it’s a messy, complicated, and realistic place. But then at the end they just stick this big bow on it giving not too much satisfaction to the reader. I also had trouble deciphering if this was the last of the series. It ended so abruptly I wasn’t sure, but when doing research couldn’t find any info on a next one coming. All in all if you liked the first one, you’ll like this one too.


The Fallen Prince by Amalie Howard is out now

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