Revealing the Supernatural

So far in the story, we’ve met our two protagonists, and their love interests, and are now ready to start learning about the supernatural aspects of the world. At this point, I’m going to intact a Spoiler Warning moving forward, as learning about the supernatural is a major reveal in both movies.

Bella’s Investigating 

For Bella, the first big clue leading her to think Edward is a Vampire is the van scene. Here Edward runs over to protects Bella from a van that’s lost control on the ice. A few scenes later she confronts him about it directly, for the second time, still convinced what she saw was real.

B: Would you tell me the truth?

E: No, probably not.

He’s evasive in every response, giving more questions than direct answers. But Bella is determined to find out what he is. She learns some history of the Quileute tribe by visiting Jacob, buys a book in Port Angelus, and does some internet sleuthing. At the end of this research journey, she has concluded that Edward is a Vampire.

Lena’s Oddities

Whereas in Beautiful Creatures, Ethan’s not really sure what’s going on until Lena tells him. Yes, a few odd things happen, like lightning striking the same place every night since Lena moved to town and Lena getting worked up by students praying in class until the windows mysteriously burst.

Ethan's attacked by black goo, strangling him.
Ethan getting attacked by the Binding Spell around the Ravenwood Estate.

After a couple scenes of these types of oddities and Ethan and Lena getting to know each other, Ethan marches to Old Man Ravenwood’s estate on a mission. He is determined to have answers about why a particular oddity happened. After walking through the front gates, he starts to get turned around in some sort of time loop that ends with him being suffocated. Suddenly, Lena appears and breaks whatever spell was hurting him. He gasps for breath and then faints in her driveway.

He wakes up in Lena’s bedroom with a cold compress on his forehead and asks her outright, “What was that out there?” Lena answers honestly. It was a spell that protects her while Uncle Macon (Old Man Ravenwood) is away. Ethan takes a moment to digest this then asks, “Are you a witch?” Lena responds again with the truth. Yes, she is a witch, but that term’s derogatory. They prefer the term Caster.

Getting to The Truth

I want to point out that even though Edward does eventually tell Bella the truth about himself and his family, he doesn’t really want to. Only by being forcefully isolated and confronted by Bella in the forest does he tell her anything. Plus, that scene takes place at the 52-minute mark. Whereas the conversation between Lena and Ethan takes place at the 34-minute mark. Meaning that the truth comes out a lot quicker in Beautiful Creatures. At the end of revealing who she really is, Lena tells Ethan she isn’t supposed to talk about this with a mortal, but she wanted him to know the truth.

Ethan waking up in Lena's Room
Ethan waking up in Lena’s bedroom, snuggled in a furry blanket.

Are you Dangerous?

Back in Lena’s bedroom, she continues to explain about Casters when Ethan pauses her with a very important question.

E: Okay. Hold on a minute. Satan has nothing to do with y’all, right?

L: That is such a mortal thing to say. (Stands in frustration.) God.

E: Well, there is evil, Lena.

L: Yes, there are evil Casters, Ethan. I mean, are you trying to say that there are no evil mortals? Only difference is, you all made up somebody else to blame for it.

E: I’m just trying to figure this out. So, you have powers, okay? What else can you do?

Ethan asks a very basic type of question: Are you dangerous? The same type of question Edward urges Bella to ask him in the forest.

Bella & Edward in the forest behind the school building
Bella forcing Edward to admit he’s a Vampire.

E: Then ask me the most basic question. What do we eat?

B: You won’t hurt me.

Bella is positive that she’s safe with Edward and has little worry or regard for anyone else’s safety. All though the information is coming very soon, at this point Bella doesn’t know the Cullens only eat animals, but she is sure that they are Vampires. For most, wouldn’t the next logical question be, as Edward alludes to, “Do you kill people?” But for Bella that doesn’t seem to be an issue.

For Ethan though it is. A big one. He’s never truly worried for his safety as he wakes up snuggled in a furry blanket and offered cookies and tea in Lena’s bedroom. But when the idea of Witches, or Casters, are brought into the conversation he wants to know where her morality lies before going further.


Seeing Ethan question Lena made me realize how little Bella questions Edward. Ethan is willing to walk away from his budding feeling for Lena if she reveals she is, in fact, some sort of devil worshiper like the town whispers about. Whereas at this point with Bella, she’s all in. Making me wonder what her reaction would have been if Edward said something like, “We only kill criminals,” or something else much grayer than only hunting animals.

What do you think? If Bella had been willing to walk away if the answer to “What do we eat?” was not up to her moral code, would that have made her less of a damsel in distress? Yes? No? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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