Lexi vs. Kai

From the moment I first heard about Thomas A. Fowler’s crazy, cool idea of creating a choose your own adventure collection of short stories I was hooked. He had a list of 10 characters and 10 settings and wanted a short story for each of the 100 different combinations. How cool is that?

I scrolled through the list of available mashups and when I saw Kaiju (or monster) in the Human Mind I had to write it. Without anything more then that basic prompt I started writing about a very real monster that once lived in my mind, suicidal depression.

I knew I wouldn’t have enough space in a short story to write the entire journey of depression. So, I had to choose a single complete piece and it was very important to me that the story ended with hope.

I ran though a checklist of huge moments in a life-long journey of fighting depression. Eliminating them all one by one.

A story about going to therapy? No. What about how the illness of depression creeps up on you? No. Exploring what if feels like to spend your first night in a psych ward? No.

Identifying the thoughts in your head as depression? Hmm… A story of a young girl realizing that her darkest thoughts, the hatefulness she feels toward herself is not really her at all, but the monster in her mind?

Yes! That’s the story I wanted to tell.

What I Hope for

When people finish the story of Lexi vs. Kai, regardless of if they have intimate knowledge of depression in their own lives or not, my deepest hope is that it brings realization to the power depression wields in the minds it afflicts.

You can read Lexi vs. Kai and 24 other great stories now in Crash Philosophy: First Collision.
Plus, get ready for the second installment with this Interview I did with Thomas A. Fowler.

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