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What if the life you’re living now, was only your Firstlife? That is the question that Gena Showalter ponders in this stunning tale following the adventure of Tenley Lockwood. Showalter is a New York Times Bestselling author, and has written the White Rabbit Chronicles. Now she is starting a new series called the Everlife Trilogy, the first of which is called Firstlife.


The setting is a world like ours, with one big twist. There is an Everlife after this one. Each person can choose between two realms to spend their Everlife in. The choice is between either Troika or Myriad. The two realms both want Tenley, or Ten to her friends, so they send their best, and sexiest, Laborers to convince her to sign with their realms. Ten wants to make this choice for herself, not letting her parents, who are die hard Myriad members, choose for her. There is a snag, the realm she starts thinking is the one for her, is not the home of the boy she is falling for. Problem? Major.


Ten is awesome. She faces the biggest choice in this created world, which a lot of people can relate to. She has to choose where to spend all eternity, sound like a job hunt anyone? Yeah, yeah I know a job isn’t forever, but when you’re fresh out of college and looking for one it sure feels like it. Ten is strong, but realistic. She hurts, she cries, and she kicks some ass, not letting anyone tell her what to do. Oh and did I mention the two boys? “…I’m not overhyping when I say he’s a living ad for every dream-boy fantasy every girl in the universe has ever had.” And that’s straight from the book people! I mean seriously, how can you not swoon at that?


At the beginning of the book Ten is in an asylum that her parents have put her in so that she can “change her mind” about not signing with Myriad. So basically torture, grub for food, and no privacy what so ever. Soon enough she’s out and running for her life, with those two Laborers floating around to help or hinder her.


This is an amazing book, but even amazing books have their drawbacks. Not for lack of trying, but sometimes it was hard to tell when Ten was speaking and when she was thinking. Though that could have been because I was racing through the pages dying to know what happened next. Ultimately I loved this book, read it in two days flat. I can’t figure out when the next one comes out, but if my assumption is correct it will be around next February. I’ll be first in line to get my copy, that’s for sure!


Firstlife by Gena Showalter is out now

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  1. Amanda says:

    This book sounds absolutely facinating! If it is half as good as you have described I will definitely have to give it a shot!

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