Your Soul, My Soul, We All Fall Down

Hi Guys! My second short story has just been published in Crash Philosophy: The Second Collision. Your Soul, My Soul, We All Fall Down is a mash-up of a Psycho killer in an Alternate Future. Whereas Lexi vs Kai in the First Collision was in familiar, all be it difficult, territory for me, this new story is anything but. Lexi’s journey is something very similar … Read More

Lexi vs. Kai

From the moment I first heard about Thomas A. Fowler’s crazy, cool idea of creating a choose your own adventure collection of short stories I was hooked. He had a list of 10 characters and 10 settings and wanted a short story for each of the 100 different combinations. How cool is that? I scrolled through the list of available mashups and when I saw … Read More