Back at It!

Hey guys, it’s been a while, ok a long while, but I just read my post on Defining Failure and Success and now I’m back in action. By reading my own words from one and half years ago I was reminded of my ever-present struggle against the fear of failing.

Failure and Success (Part 2)

Did I fail by not finishing my “Twilight Confessions,” series? No, I don’t think so. Because even though I didn’t finish the series, through my research and planning, I was able to answer all the questions I’d originally posed. So, I consider it a success.

Which means no more wallowing! It’s time to move on to something else, this blog is still here, this site is still here, so just because one thing didn’t turn out the way I planned, doesn’t mean I can’t try something new. As for what that something new is, I was unsure, until I spent some time putting a few dots together.

Next Step

I’m a big fan of the Passion of the Nerd’s YouTube videos which delve into the philosophical, psychological, and sociological aspects of the shows Buffy and Angel. Plus, he’s is expanding his work to other things as his channel grows in popularity. I recently wrote him a fan letter saying I hoped one day he’d turn is wonderful media analysis skills to my favorite show, Once Upon a Time.

As I put the letter in the mail, I thought about how I wished I could do the analysis myself. But I don’t have, or the time to learn, any editing skills. And if I do his type of analysis videos for Once, I’d have to start with the pilot and I have little interest in heavily dissecting the first season. If I wanted to analysis Once, I’d have to do it exactly like him so–

Ah-Em. Jen?

Me: Yes, Inner Self?

You know that’s a bunch of bull honky. You know you’re just scared of failing.

Me: (Avoids eye contact with Inner Self, not wanting to admit she’s right.) …. Dang it! You’re right.

New Goal

So here I am, trying my own form of analysis for Once Upon a Time. I might fail, might fall flat on my face, but I’m going to give it a go. I’m setting the intention right now, creating my SMART goal and sending it out into the world.

I am going to write an analytical blog post about a Once Upon a Time episode, with no concern to chronological order or the type of content the episode inspires, every two weeks, for four months.

Hope you join me on my journey to discover what there is to find in Once Upon a Time.

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