A Bit of Poetry

My brain was in a rhyming mood this morning and I wrote two poems instead of working on my stories with due dates. So I thought I’d share the two best ones with you guys! Without further ado here are the fruits of my morning.



Do you ever wonder what your mind might sing,

or your ears might draw, if you couldn’t see?

If it was just the Darkness at all.

Am I talking madness?

Is it mad to dream and wish and think?

Is Darkness mad? Is it bad?

In the absence of light, the Darkness grows, and it grows bold.


Is there a why? A why I don’t know?

Is there a way? If so, I fear the way is cold.

For the Darkness is full of crazies and unknowns.



Tell me Your Stories

The sun is set, the moon is cast.

Come close to the fire dears and tell me the past.

Tell me your tales of journeys and might.

Tell me your tales sir Lady and Knight.

I want them all, so leave out none.

Let’s begin with you, sir Knight. What is your story to be told?

Was it a tale of truth and light, more gracious than right?

Was it full of beauties unable to think, or ruthless rogues that horrendously reeked?

Or perhaps it was haunted with a past both twisted and tragic?

And what of you Lady? You spinner of yarns and teller of tales,

What transpired on your journey through the wails?

Did you battle a dragon? Or fight any foe? Did you do anything reckless or bold?

Did make a wish that was prophesized and foretold?

Did you win your weight in precious gold?

Tell me your tales of darkness and light, both of you, both Lady and Knight.

Tell me your tales of balance and might

Of heroes and thieves, and of wishes on dreams.

Tell me your tales dear Lady and Knight,

And comfort me in this darkest of nights.



I hope you enjoyed reading these, let me know what you think in the comments!

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